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There are several gold dimes out there, but there is only one official gold dime minted by the US government. Generally speaking, the most popular gold coin for investors to buy is the 1 oz. Whether its an error dime, variety dime, or key date dime, the dimes worth money are often worth big money - and Im here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. But it was a necessary move, as the demand for silver had increased and the U.S. government needed to save their resources. ), 10 Most Valuable Lefton China Pieces (Rarest Sold For $1,295), Antique Cast Iron Stoves Value (Rarest & Most Valuable is Selling for $24,500), 1920 Singer Sewing Machine Value (Rarest Sold For $3,000), Most Valuable 1934 20 Dollar Bill (Rarest Sold For $40,800), 4 Most Valuable Antique Typewriter (Rarest Sold For $110,059), Antique Ruby Rings Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $2.6 Million), Antique Cast Iron Toy Value (Rarest & Most Valuable Sold For $13,500), Top 10 Antique Stores in Connecticut [Update 2023], THE 10 BEST Pennsylvania Antique Stores (with Photos), 10 Best Antiques Near Me in Fort Worth, TX, The 13 Most Valuable Disney Pins (Rarest Sold For $10,000), Most Valuable Rare Hummel Figurines (Rarest Sold For $5000+), 1941 Penny Value Chart (Worth Million Dollars? 05-29-2019 Stack's Bowers. All are at least four-figure coins in the grade of Good-4. . The Coinage Act of 1965. We refer in these grades to coins that show no signs of having circulated and are well minted but may have marks or scratches from handling or storage, discoloration in glosses, or the odd tap. The value of gold dollars is determined by the rarity of all the coins you have, the age of the coin, its shape, and the number of gold and silver coins originally minted. Without any errors, a 1966 dime in good condition (around the equivalent of a grade of G-4) can be worth around $1.50, while an uncirculated one (around MS-60) can go for $6. Keep track of your collection value over time. Very Good, very good (VG-10): All but smooth design is appreciated. While this means that those 1966 dimes that are still in good shape are highly coveted and valuable, it also means you wont find too many of them on the market. The only real gold dime is the 2016 Centennial Gold Coin issued by the US Mint. Neither coin is particularly scarce, as 295,046,978 regular-issue Kennedy half dollars were made in 1967 and 1,863,344 SMS Kennedy half dollars produced that same year. The finest and smallest details are already visible. which can be found in circulation and even with wear is worth a sizeable premium over face value. The 1967 quarter was the last year for this denomination. Perfect Uncirculated (MS-70): Perfectly minted, centered, perfectly plated coin. So, the pure silver content in these mentioned US 90% silver dimes comes out to approximately 0.0723 troy ounces per coin. PCGS The Standard for the Rare Coin Industry. Of these 1967 Washington SMS quarters, 1,800,000 units were minted.We will distinguish 3 different types of these pieces, the standard one without any kind of variation, in three qualities: Another type is the variant known as the Double Die Reverse (DDR). The coins obverse features the image of Liberty seated on a rock. But a gold plated dime is neither rare nor collectible. The United States only minted 125,000 of these coins and they sold out quickly. 1967 Kennedy half dollars are extremely difficult to find in circulation today, as their 40 percent silver composition prompted hoarding early on, and they are therefore quite difficult to find in pocket change or even in bank coin rolls. 1967 prices (Coins Roosevelt Dime) are updated daily . For uncirculated coins, there are 11 other grades that are usually called Mint State (MS) although they are also assigned denominations such as Uncirculated (Unc.) and new product arrivals. You can learn more about CAC on their web site. All Rights Reserved. If you live for 2.4 billion seconds how old will you be. I have a 1967 copper quarter both sides double die with an up side down triangle, starting from the eagles eye up and United and America. The name is a compound of Paul Kruger, the former President of the South African Republic (depicted on the obverse), and rand, the South African unit of currency. Coins in this grade are so good that they are often confused with MS grades (the higher grades we will see below). So if you examine the edge of a 1965 silver dime, or any other silver dime for that matter, the edge will appear silver with no copper-colored strip. A coin's numismatic value may be higher than its melt value. Contact me. While worn 1967 pennies are worth around 2 cents each, uncirculated pieces (those never used as money) are worth closer to 10 to 20 cents apiece.. But vintage dimes, like the 1966 dime, can be worth much more to avid collectors. Can anyone give me suggestions please. This amount, which at first sight seems high, is less than the $5,040 paid for the same 1967 Washington quarter MS68 copy in June of last year.However, the record paid for this quarter in MS68 quality belongs to an auction in January 2017 where it reached $8,813.In short, in only three years, this single MS68 has seen its value reduced by almost half.In MS67+ PCGS quality it has 7 copies catalogued. . The 1967 United Kingdom penny reverse. #4 1965 Roosevelt Dime Full Torch (FT) - NGC MS69 $1,528. Required fields are marked *. The value is only going to be $.10, the face value of a dime. Gem Uncirculated (MS-65): Good coinage with small marks or stripes. Please contact at earliest convenience. Fine, either (F-15): Similar to above and some letters or digits are clear. Thanks. I found a 1968 with no S print mark above the date. Subscribe to the JM Bullion newsletter to receive timely market updates and information on product sales and giveaways. This change in composition also led to a change in the dimes appearance. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for JOB LOT COLLECTABLES HOUSE COLLECTION COINS GOLD INGOT MARVEL DR STRANGE 26/2/23 at the best online prices at eBay! PCGS assigns the + only for the 30% of the parts with the greatest visual appeal for grades XF-45 to MS-68. Users are strongly encouraged to seek multiple sources of pricing before making a final determination of value. In September 2016, the winner paid $5,170, and during 2017 the prices fell to a range of $494 to $517. Silver US Dollar Coins, Silver 1963 Franklin Half Dollars (1948-1963), 1963 Silver Bullion Coins . Your subscription could not be saved. U.S Gold Coin Composition Face Value Troy Ounces of Gold per Coin Quantity Gold Melt Values; 1849-1854 $1 Liberty Head: Type1: 90 % Gold: $1.00: 0.04838: 1854-1856 $1 Small Head Indian Princess: Type2 Collecting vintage dimes can be a fun and educational hobby, and the 1966 dime has its own unique history and characteristics that make it a worthwhile addition to any collection. Values, images, and specifications for 1967 penny coins from the United Kingdom. At over $21.80 per ounce, all silver dimes are worth at least $1.46 each as of 2/20/2023 . Each circulated dime dated 1946 to 1964 is worth $1.38 . You would only get in trouble if you started a fraudulent business selling defaced coins. Join us today for FREE! Coating layer both sides odd. The value is around $325 for coins with an SP 67 grade. Therefore, the PCGS3000 should only be used as one guide to rare coin prices and historical price movements, and not as the sole source for determining the value or market history of a particular coin. Mint conditions, I have a 1967 quarter that weighs 4.8 no Eagle side very light show of eagle in middle some copper on edges the Washington side has no edge but shows Washington. Coleccionistasdemonedas.com Estimated Value of 1967 Quarter is: The 1967 quarter value is worth $2.50-$2.75 for an uncirculated coin and $1.00-$1.25 for a circulated quarter, as of 2018 (average grade). Legends re-created. Its not hard to see why this coin is worth so much. Another similar copy in 2018 was valued at $750. The coin contains a total of just over .072 troy ounces of silver. The Krugerrand (/ k r u r n d /; Afrikaans: [kry.rrant]) is a South African coin, first minted on 3 July 1967 to help market South African gold and produced by Rand Refinery and the South African Mint. Usually, they are excessively circulated and quite mistreated specimens with a flat design. No copyright infringement is intended. Sponsored Ads. How many hundredths are equivalent to 9 tenths? The 1965 silver dimes are made from 90% silver. For and let some one who is into coins have something that is rare. The real 1967 $20 gold proof does not have that text. 1967 P Roosevelt Dime: Coin Value Prices, Price Chart, Coin Photos, Mintage Figures, Coin Melt Value, Metal Composition, Mint Mark Location, Statistics & Facts. Are 1967 Dimes Worth anything. Gold Krugerrands are designed to be durable and are therefore .9170, or 91.7% gold, with the remainder being copper. If you find an uncirculated copy, in perfect condition, then its value goes up exponentially and in this case, you have the choice of having it appraised or sending it to a grading company if you deduce its quality is high and it could be a good investment. CDN Publishing is not responsible for typographical or database-related errors. Marks, stripes and other minor flaws. Both examples are considered scarce by most numismatists. There are probably scammers out there that create gold plated dimes and then try to pass them off as real gold coins. In the process of minting these series, certain errors (intentional or not) can occur that are highly sought after and valued by collectors.This is similar to the cases previously seen with double coinage on the back and on the front.Below are photos of some of these valuable errors and their current market price to inform you if any of them fall into your hands: This is a 1967 Washington piece that has lost all or part of its coating, exposing the copper core. If you think you have the promotional Sprint gold dime then call their customer service number and see if you can get a reward. The delineation between rare dimes and common ones may not always be apparent at first glance. . Before 1996, if specimen coins have been removed from their protective envelope or original package, it is harder to differentiate them from PL coins. Clipped Planchets (coin blanks) Clipped Planchets are coins that are incomplete due to improperly cut blanks. Ed. #2 1965 Roosevelt Dime Full Bands (FB) - PCGS MS68 $3,819. Some banks or businesses might not even accept it, and they don't need to accept it because the coin has been altered. Krugerrand value The historical time period saw many crucial events unfold. Join us today for FREE! To commemorate the 100 anniversary of the Confederation, the Finance Minister Mitchell Sharp announced, in 1967, the release of a special specimen presentation set including a $20 gold coin. 1967 Roosevelt Dime ANACS AU50 Triple Curved Clip Weight 2.16 Grams . View the average prices of certified 20 dollars gold - 1967 sold at auctions . As the buyer, you should be aware of possible: . Secrets of the Rare Coin & Bullion Business. Don't be the last to know about the latest deals and new product arrivals. For important details, click here. The copy shown in the photo is currently on sale for $247.50. But according to one Sprint representative, they no longer honor the deal. Their value, depending on their graduation, can be set at over $300 for graduations over MS 63. Having this feature alone will add an additional 15-35% to the value of . The Related Coins all share the same Category, Prefix, and Major Variety as this Coin. Coin Values & More - CoinTrackers. This dime is composed of 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper. This Act changed the composition of the ten-cent dime from the 90% silver, 10% copper combination into a "clad sandwich", where the entire coin is made up of pure copper and is plated with 75% copper and 25% nickel alloy. Visit to see edge, weight, diameter, auction records, price guide values and more for this coin. The silver dime, before circulating, weighs 2.50 grams (0.084 ounce). Your email address will not be published. Because 334,288 of these sets were sold, the 1967 20-dollars gold coin is generally worth bullion value whatever in which condition it is. The 1942/1 variety from Philadelphia clearly shows the numeral 1 to the immediate left and just barely under the 2 in the date. John Sinnock's design of the Roosevelt dime remained unchanged. But circulated coins from 1967 are still worth collecting, and even an uncirculated 55 can get you a profitable price on eBay. The reason for this is the high number of units produced for circulation since 1932 and the design of the coin. $506.90. We do not buy or sell precious metal. These dimes are relatively affordable, with many selling for less than $10, even those with a grade of MS60-65. worth anything to collectors above face value. The luck of the price of these copies in different auctions in the last years has been different. Routing number of commercial bank of Ethiopia? The views expressed may come from different individual authors and may not necessarily reflect those of the website or other organization. 1867-1992 5-Cent Beaver Nickel. Anyone can create a gold plated dime. . Enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password. Greysheet/Greensheet prices are wholesale market levels for collectible coins/paper money intended to indicate what a dealer, or wholesale, buyer would pay for the described item in the specified grade. Then you will be able to grade all types of currencies! Ok. Complete and original brilliance. In 1965, due to the increase in the price of silver, it was decided to change the composition of these coinage from silver (90%) to copper (75%). The most valuable of these dimes is the 1873-CC, which saw a mintage of 12,400 pieces and offers collectors just one known survivor today. I have a 1967 quarter that is reverse doubling and has a B were the E in America is. List of most valuable United States coins 2023 Update, Creative Commons 3.0 no derivative works license, Most valuable rare Australian coins list and Value, Although in past years the price increase has been generalized, it is limited to medium-high grades of, In spite of being in high demand, the 1967 Quarters. So, keep an eye out for any abnormalities or inconsistencies in your dimes, as you may have stumbled upon a rare and valuable find. NGC uses this + (plus) for top coins within each grade so that they look closer to the next higher grade, and also limits it to grades from XF-45 to MS-68. Uncirculated (MS-60): No wear on elevated areas. He also is said to have given three to his daughter, Hallie, who spent one of them on a dish of ice cream and kept the other two. Canada Silver Dime (1920-1967) 80% Silver: 2.3328: 0.06 $1.28: Canada Silver Dime (1967-1968) 50% Silver: 2.3328: 0.0375 The most valuable 1967 penny was graded MS67RD by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and sold for $4,945 in a 2008 auction!. Lets now see some famous minting errors that occurred in 1966: One of the most famous errors for this years dimes is the 1967 Doubled Die Obverse, which features doubling in FDRs portrait and the word LIBERTY. Only a few thousand were made before the mistake was caught, making it a valuable find for collectors. That didnt deter coin collectors from acquiring the best examples of new coins from 1967, nor did it stop the hoarding of silver coins, which still circulated into the late 1960s, but at much smaller numbers than had been the case at the start of the decade. Note that it's illegal to deface US currency. The value of a 1966 dime in circulated condition depends on its grade and any minting errors it may have. However there is probably some unique number stamped on the dime, but that's only an assumption. Collectors Universe, Inc. disclaims any warranties whatsoever with respect to the accuracy of the PCGS3000 or any specific coin index. Very Fine, Very Good/Very Fine (VF-35): Full details but the highest points of the design are worn. I met one guy who weighed it and it was right on weight he then did what he called the ring test he dropped a,coin on a table and as it bounced it gave off a ring my coin sounded no diffrent now to the important part how do I get it authenticated . Faint gloss. In order to do this test you will need a small gram scale. Diff coins any suggestions thanks God bless you all be safe. US Auction Central; . Proof Roosevelt dimes from those years are known without an S mintmark, and all of these varieties are rare and worth hundreds or thousands of dollars apiece. Here are other common minting errors you should look out for: All of these errors considerably increase the value of a 1966 dime, making them highly sought after by collectors. It designated that the piece was minted at the Carson City Mint in Nevada. Finding the market value of your 1966 dime involves evaluating its grade and doing some research on recent sales data or consulting with a professional. This copy is minted on a 1 cent planchet and graduated by PCGS in MS 65 RB and its value is around $1,528 currently, although in 2013 it was sold for $2,115. All CDN prices are based on proprietary market knowledge and technology developed by CDN Publishing, LLC. Apparently, a set of dies went into production without the P mintmark. While Roosevelt dimes are generally regarded as a series chock full of common coins, there are several challenging surprises in store for those who focus their attention on this long-running series.The 1949, 1949-D, 1949-S, and 1950-S are surprisingly tough coins in the mid-range Mint State grades. Collectors should refer to CPG values as a starting place for their negotiations, or auction bid reference. Are you interested in other years? ), The 1982 Penny Value Chart (Most Valuable Penny Sold for $18,800), Most Valuable Antique and Vintage Vases: Identifying, Valuing and Buying (2023 Updated), A Detailed Outlook on the 2000 Sacagawea Dollar Value, Antique Floor Lamp: Identification, Valuation, And Buying Guide (2023 Updated). I have allot of coins going back to 1800's from pennies up to $20.00 silver dollars. A regular clad dime could be exposed to harsh chemicals and change color. Very Fine, very good/very fine (VF-25): Almost complete details with very smooth design areas. Theres no mint mark and in very good condition. The 1916-D Mercury dime is just about as famous a rarity as the 1909-S VDB Lincoln cent. In addition, a gold colored dime could be created completely by accident. 1965 is a key year in the history of mints and errors of 25-cents. We do our best to provide precise spot prices; however, during times of market volatility, prices may not be to-the-minute accurate. Randy Abercrombie Supporter! You can read several letters and/or digits of the date. Extremely Fine, extremely good (EF-40): Slight wear and tear at the highest points. Coleccionistasdemonedas.com is an independent website. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Best Match. SPP-Ottawa. With silver at $20.63 per ounce. It, Read More Ultimate List Of Most Valuable State Quarters (Cost Upto $17,250)Continue, 1964 was a notable year considering it was the first and only time the Kennedy half dollar, Read More 1964 Half Dollar Value: What Makes A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Rare?Continue, The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a coin is its use as, Read More 1804 Silver Dollar Value Chart (Most Valuable Rare One Sold For $7.68M )Continue, Morgan silver dollars are very popular among coin collectors, especially those in America. However, most of these, Read More 1886 Silver Dollar Value Chart (Auction Record: $235,000! In the coin shown, the loss makes its weight decrease to 2.61 grams. The 1982 no-mintmark Roosevelt dime is especially valuable in Mint States grades. One interesting thing to note about the 1966 dime is that only one coin in a non-Mint State has been sold recently, which is a sign of just how rare it is for these dimes to stay in good condition. They called it the Amazing Sprint Sense Find and it was done as a marketing campaign. There both circulated. A 1796 dime is worth about $2,600 even in the heavily worn grade of Good-4. All 1992 coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint are double-dated with 1967-1992 to celebrate Canada's 125th Anniversary of Confederation. 2017 penny, copper missing on back where badge and banner are only, defective. The package was a black leather presentation case bearing the Coat of Arms on the cover. Of these two variants, there is no DCAMEO quality grading. Without any errors, a 1966 dime in "good" condition (around the equivalent of a grade of G-4) can be worth around $1.50, while an uncirculated one (around MS-60) can go for $6. 1996-W Roosevelt dime In honor of the 50th anniversary of the design, the West Point Mint issued Roosevelt dimes with a W mintmark in 1996. As a general rule, to be accepted to enter this category, Barber, Liberty Nickels and Indian Head Cents must have at least 3 letters of the word LIBERTY visible. Rather, it refers to the form and method by which a coin was struck. Rare Canadian Coins Worth Money: Estimated Value: Pre-1922 Canadian Silver Nickels : $1,500-$15,000 : 1936 Canadian "Dot" Dime : $14,450-$245,000 : 1921 50-Cent Piece : . 1967 Dime Roosevelt MS-63s can be purchased for . Specimen coins are struck up to two times on numismatic presses. are smaller. Liberty is holding a shield with one hand while the, Mercury dimes are very popular ten-cent pieces produced by the United States Mint from 1916 to 1945. The 1967-P Roosevelt Dime was made by the United States Mint. In 1932, the production of the 25 cents designed by John Flanagan with 90% silver content began. Subscribe or log in for full access to pricing information. I have a 1980 and a 1985 with the P mark please email me Im new to this I want to learn and possibly make money while doing it. I have 1967 quarter dollar. ), Rare And Valuable 2022 Quarter Errors: Lets Do Some Pocket Hunt. 5+. 1964 Half Dollar Value: What Makes A 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Rare? How to Identify an Original 1967 Quarter Thats Worth More Than $1, List of highly collected 1967 quarters to look for, The Most Valuable: MS68 | from $8,813 to $4,800, A final thought about the value of 1967 quarters. Those bearing a stronger strike are worth closer to $175 and up. One famous error for the 1966 dime is a misprint of the words LIBERTY or IN GOD WE TRUST, where one or more letters may be missing or doubled. Its graduation by NGC MS 63 and its value $250. I have 2 1967 quarters. The live silver price below is used to calculate the coin's value (USD): Coin value calculations use the 8:59 PM PST silver price for March 02, 2023: 0.99 . Thinking if selling coin collection, can anyone help please? To be a good investment, the 1967 Washington 25 cents should have no sign of circulation. Silverrecyclers.com is a participant in various affiliate programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.This is an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. In addition, NGC also uses a star * for those specimens with extraordinary visual appearance (hue, brightness, etc) within the same grade of single color or multicolored but never with dark brown areas that are almost black. The cut is evident but we can see the date and almost the entire bust of the President. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); hi i have coins for sale, dollar 1923, quarter and half dollar olds, dimes and nickel too olds too. 2002 Commonwealth Games 2 8. The legends, or part of them, can be easily seen and are more separated from the edge. The value of a 1966 dime in circulated condition depends on its grade and any minting errors it may have. Find the current Proof Sets values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. Dime values for coins dated 1964 or earlier have the current silver price as their base value. These famous coins were struck using an alloy of 90% silver and 10% copper. However, some modern proof coins from the San Francisco Mint lack this critical detail. Just two known specimens exist. In such cases, the numerical grades within MS are used. This alloy remains in use today. Perfect original shine. 1967 Canada Modern Uncirculated Type Set . Your email address will not be published. 1839 Una and the Lion 5 7. U.S. dimes have never been made of gold, nor were there any gold coins minted in the 1960s. More Photos of 1967 Roosevelt Dime. The overall design of the coin is appreciated. We offer reliable real coin melt . We're not sure since we couldn't find any pictures. Coining was weak. I have some 1967 and 1972 quarter coins for sale with dimes and nickel too. Heres a table with recent sales data for a few 1966 dimes in different grades, courtesy of PCGS: Warning: While rare in the case of 1966 dimes, counterfeits do exist and its important to be aware of them when purchasing vintage coins. In this case, graduated by ANACS in EF 40, the loss of part of the coating occurs on the back, losing definition in the words QUARTER DOLLAR. Thanks to these coins being minted not all that long ago, collectors have the luxury of being especially picky about the. These pieces are odd, to say the least, particularly given that they are both from the same date. The 1982 no-mintmark dime with a weak strike is worth about $55 in typical uncirculated grades. What you have is a gold-plated dime, not worth anything to . Buy & Sell This Coin. Numismatic collector with a passion for history, particularly Spanish history. They differ in Suffix, Minor Variety, and Die Variety only. Beginning in 1968, the mint resumed using mint marks to identify where the coins were made. We rate this coin as slightly more abundant than . They include the following: Barber and Mercury dimes Were mainly focusing on the super-valuable dimes in this article, but thats not to suggest those not listed here arent worth keeping. 2023 VIP Art Fair Collectibles - WordPress Theme by Kadence WP, Most Valuable 1878 Silver Dollar (Rarest Sold For $2,086,875), Ultimate List Of Most Valuable State Quarters (Cost Upto $17,250). It's a beautiful dime that features the old Winged Liberty design, instead of the modern Roosevelt design. You can find the response here. Gold Coins. Just to be able to identify its type and date, sometimes not even that. In addition to the regular coining and circulation of this type of coin in the US, SMS (Special Mint Sets) type pieces were also coined with a much more careful proof finish. If, and thats a big if, there is a third specimen out there, it will most likely be found in a 1975 proof set. Composition and Design. Click on 1965 quarter value for more information. In one of its more recent trades, the 1873-CC dime in mint condition fetched $1,840,000! Thank you. House clearance Rare Vintage Penny's Coin Set- 1897- 1967 Job Lot. Weighing 1965 Roosevelt dimes can prove helpful. In this article you can see a list of the most valuable ones. My email is hartungryne1997@icloud.com 1917 George V Sovereign 2. Very cool, James! . I have showed a few local people and they were not much help one told me it was fake then offered me a,thousand for it . 1967 Special Mint Set This refers to a minting error in the 1966 dimes where the design elements, specifically FDRs portrait and the word LIBERTY, appear doubled. $508.40. 1966 was a special year for dimes, as it marked the switch from 90% silver dimes to a mixture of copper and nickel. This means that you dont have to worry as much about handling or storing them properly, giving you more freedom to enjoy and appreciate your vintage dimes for their unique history and characteristics. While Roosevelt dimes are generally regarded as a series chock full of common coins, there are several challenging surprises in store for those who focus their attention on this long-running series. SMS 1965 dimes (included in the 1965 Special Mint Set) are worth about $1.50 or more. In addition to the most valuable dimes listed above, there are others you should keep an eye out for. The most recent sale realized $456,000nearly a half-million dollars. The prices listed in our database are intended to be used as an indication only. Another option is to consult with a professional numismatist or visit a local coin shop to get an accurate appraisal of your 1966 dimes value. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 1967 10C DDO FS-101 (FS-019) (Regular Strike) Series: Roosevelt Dimes . Compare vs Other Items. Letters are both touching the eagles wings. The term Proof (PR or PF) is not a proper grade although it can be misleading. In the type shown in the photo, almost half of the front has lost part of its coating, not clearly differentiating the legend or the hair and neck of George Washington.In quality AU 55, the copy in the photo graduated by NGC can be found for $200. Superb Gem Uncirculated (MS-68): Strong coinage with tiny imperfections not visible to the naked eye. This is my coins worth money series that runs either every week or every other week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a colle. The values below only reflect the silver value, not rarity or numismatic value. When silver trades at $25 per ounce, a typical worn pre-1965 Roosevelt silver dime has a silver content value of around $1.81. "In 1967 when the Royal Canadian Mint issued the mint sets with the $20 gold coins, . This is my coins worth money series that runs either every week or every other week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. or Brilliant Uncirculated (BU). In the photo above we see a Washington from 1967 graduated by NGC in AU 55 which is missing more than 30% of the coin.

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