1989 topps baseball cards errors

Do you have the pack it came in? A couple of things are at play here to consider. The card has a face and other parts of what appears to be Rusty Wallace the race car driver embossed on the front of the card . Hall of Famers | This is the version that, if you were to buy a brick of copies of this card, most, if not all of them would be this version. Now, 30 years later, and you can still get a 1990 Topps Frank Thomas rookie for $5.00 or less. Only on some of the Red Rainbow Auto prints, but not all the word Rainbow on the back is spelled Rainow. Im up for any Infor..Thanks Frank. Does anyone know if this is anything special? Also, I have a Calvin Ridley 2018 prestige passport memorabilia card that the game worn jersey is off center!! Ive had collectors with 30+ years experience look at the card and never seeing it before. Do you have the box? If its a fifth-year card of a 35-year-old reliever in a set youre working on, replacement might be the better route. - Collection Summary, Overview | The border is a few millimeters wide and from that I can discern that is in fact an Eric Desjardins card from 95-96. 1988 Topps Vintage Baseball Card #580 Mark McGwire Error Yellow Line. @Mike The price guide is available here (subscription required): https://www.beckett.com/price-guides/baseball. I have a 1990 Topps All Star Julio Franco #386 Baseball Card that is totally miscut. A good way to ID market value for your item is to list it on eBay with a high BIN/OBO and see what kind of offers you get. I have a Sage Hit high series autographed Jake Elliott rookie card, but has a authority on the card that is not Jake Elliotts, it just says ABnot even close. Wondering what its worth. Your Account has been confirmed and activated successfully. I have a question about the 1990 to 1993 upper Deck All-Star weekend card number 424 Shaquille ONeal I have another one as The identical front as the 424 Shaquille ONeal card but when you flip it over on the back has number 4 and the summary thats on the back of the card is different than the one on the 424 card with the identical front anybody tell me anything about this where where I can go to find out about this or what I should do because I have a whole lot of cards thousand-dollar thousands and I have found lots of mess ups that I cant find anything about online anywhere and I dont know the first thing about any of that I just know Ive been collecting for 25 years and Ive gotten cards from all over the United States from multiple stores and flea markets and I dont know how to go about registering ones that may not have been found yet or even find any info on thank you you can email me please leave Shaquille ONeal or something to do with the card in the subject line do to the amount of spam I get so somebody can please help me out I really would appreciate it, 1994 Upperdeck no foil names on front, not finding samples online, curious if anyone else has found these. I have looked around a little and can see nothing reported on this error anywhere. Has anyone ever noticed this? Number 554 the weird part is error is ink dripped towards the bottoms the red smeared a little. Way back in 1990 I got some misprinted whole sheets of hoops cards with Jordon on the Front and Robert Parish on the back. LoL. @Henry Pretty sure all of them are like that. Opening this box wasnt that much different. It was not a trend as some others are. the front is a picture of doug flutie and the back has doug fluties stats. Baseball errors and variations: 1983 Topps, 1984 Topps; Baseball errors and variations: 1962 American Tract Society, 1969 Anderson A's, 1955 Armour Coins, 1960 Armour Coins, 1968 Atlantic Oil; 1974 LAUGHLIN ALL STAR GAMES variation; Football errors and variations: 1994 Upper Deck ELECTRIC silver and gold; 1979-80 OPC #18 Wayne Gretzky Photos were blurry, cards are poorly-centered, the card stock is sub-par and in all honesty, print variation is just a fancy term for a screw up. C $1.35. That said, lets shed some light on the Bob Welch 1989 Topps #605A. If it is so terrible, why is it back so often? The other is a 1994 Ken Norton card. I love baseball, and collecting cards just as I enjoy collecting coins. I seem to remember something with 89 topps traded that had an error. I was a pressman for 22 years so I know the mistake they did and how that happened. I apologize if I have reached out to the wrong person to ask. I think this is just a case of too little Black ink being used/running low. Hey, Ryan. PSA | However, that doesnt usually mean youre going to get rich if you land one. I havent seen any copys of it st least where Ive been looking. Bob Welch [Error] prices (Baseball Cards 1989 Topps) are updated daily for each source listed above. 1989. So this card has double errors. 2006 Topps. No others have surfaced as of this posting**. MNT- NMMT $225.00 batbr17 (37) 100% or Best Offer +$4.75 shipping 11 watchers Sponsored Has anyone else seen any of those? Variation #3: Not shown. & 1 with no period after Inc, a 6./7, Missing (.) MT-condition.. anyone know what that values at, ive seen the same card having color errors on bottom corner go for $4,999 and was curious if I have something here thanks. Checklist | Ive came across 2 I have a Jared Pinkney XR card with Eno Benjamins auto, and now a Jake Fromm Phoenix Card with Jacob Easons Auto. My daughter: the bravest 13-year-old I know. - External Links Fast shipping. Ive got a 98 topps roberto clemente tribute card with no gold foil. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. - Sell Sheets / Ads It is a 1 of 1. Generally speaking, sports card printing errors have more of a novelty status. This would support the notion that the uncommon version is less often found as a single because splitting up factory sets is generally considered a rarer act than opening packs. Any comments? Change). Nice! And the next year was when Topps changed who made their Chrome cards. I cut a couple of them out by hand but the rest were destroyed in a basement flood. Has any one arm another chrome bordered 2006 Bowman Chrome card? External Links | Shortcuts: Most Expensive , Cheapest , List by Card # 1989 TOPPS TRADED #1-132T BASEBALL CARDS YOU PICK COMPLETE YOUR SET SINGLES C $1.79 Top Rated Seller Was: C $2.56 30% off Buy It Now +C $1.67 shipping from United States Sponsored 1989 Topps Gary Carter Baseball Card #3 Mint FREE SHIPPING C $1.61 Top Rated Seller or Best Offer +C $19.92 shipping estimate from United States Sponsored Johnny Robinson - Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2019!!! The white bar under his name has been removed, and the Topps trademark is very close to Sheffields name. Change Log | Sonia it sounds like you have what they call a short print which means its card# 15 out of 30 printed and the card #30 out of 50 printed if they are in gold letters which is good depending of the player they should also have a reg card numbering if so you should take it to a collector, Any card that is gold numbered #01/25 -#25/25 is considered super short print means only 25 printed compared to thousands if you look up #1/1 on the internet or eBay those cards are really rare and worth alot, Some cards like 2021 sage premier Charles Snowden linebacker for Virginia has picture of louisville running back on the front nobody has any metion of it being an error but if I was Charles Snowden I would have said something lol even though its a low caliber set its still my rookie card with someone else Pic, I have a 1998 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Living Legends #159 card shows MJ playing the Sonics with the Logo of the Old Sonics, but the wording says, Vs Lakers. Contributors | They dont necessarily fit in with a set youre building. This article addresses why its tricky to gauge a value on misprints. Almost looks like a L, 1 Normal Gray Name and Logo & 1 Dark Charcoal color, 1 Normal Print & 1 Faded Print & "pitcher" half gone, 1 Noral Yellow Banner & 1 Deep Dark Yellow Banners, 1 Normal Card & 1 w Black square inside a Blue Circle next to face, ERR Home Sarasota FL & COR Home Syosset NY, Front is Normal, Back is mis printed / off set, Circle printed i top left corner of stat box, 1 w E* F* next to copyright & 1 w just F* next to copyright, Different Color Red Print in Name & Stat Box, Different color Red print in Name & Stat Box, 1 w White Circle in Yellow under number & 1 Cor / Air Brushed out, 1 Normal Gary Print & 1 Dark Gray / Charcoal Print, Black Box over Marlboro sign, not completely Blacked out, COR, Doug Jones on Front and Bio Stat on back & ERR: Rich Gossage on Front and Jones Bio Stat on Back, Different Color printing in Name and Stat box, 1 Normal Gray card & 1 Dark Gray / Charcoal Print card, 1 with Inc "." Set Links - Overview - Checklist - Teams - Errors / Variations - Hall of Famers - Rookies . Grades (Click to show prices by grade) 3 4 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 10. Would this make it worth more or less since its a 1/1 anyways? - Sell Sheets / Ads I have obtained more Nieves and know believe it was just a garden variety printing flaw wherein the printing plates did not align properly. 1989 Topps Baseball Errors & Variations: Ongoing Checklist 23 Jun 27a Orestes Destrade E*F* before copyright* 27b Orestes Destrade F* before copyright *Some copies have been found with solid black name/team banner - printing flaw* 62a Alfredo Griffin red bar over photo in top right border 62b Alfredo Griffin red bar partially airbrushed I have a 1990 Pro Set Card with Joe Montana player of the year on one side and Barry Sanders rookie of the year on the other side. No idea if that adds or takes value away. Some of these listed are not traditional errors, but printing flaws. If the sheet is off or mixed up, weird things can happen. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you collected in the late 1980s, its perhaps the case that youre sitting on tons of 1989 Topps that nobody wants. Normally, its just a little off, barely visible to the naked eye. I have a 09-10 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant card where it is Kobe picture on front and his stats and everything on the back. These are manufactured intentionally as blank backs and sold as one-of-ones. Or when Leonardos head falls off the moment you take a Ninja Turtle action figure out of its package. Who dat? @Alex You can check with the Beckett Grading team to see if theyre able to include it: https://www.beckett.com/grading/team. | Or you could go your entire collecting life without finding any. He also has a Project Management Certificate from UCLA Extension. Upon discovery, it actually took me a while to find the original error version of this card to go with my several copies of the common variety. Have a 2001 Black Diamond Patrick Roy with the stats for Vincent Lacavalier on the back. It depends on the card. Its cut so the card is tilted left. - Teams Gallery | Learn how your comment data is processed. Does this make them worth more? Yup, that's right. Here is the latest installment in thePSA Blog series called Diamonds in the Junk, where we crack some junk wax, review the results, relate them to the hobby today and have fun along the way. I have a 2015 Juan Perez card, but on the back it has pitching stats and says hes a pitcher, even though he is a outfielder. Does this card is more worthy? He has been interviewed on Good Day New Mexico and in Albuquerque The Magazine. Not a major deal with todays $5-$10 junk wax, but a bit more frustrating back in the day when people were hand-collating these sets. VAR: Smaller gap between hat and Future Stars header. *Cards from the D* sheet printed in mid-February 1989 can be found with errant, black horizontal lines across the backs. There birthdays are switched on the card. If you have a card shop nearby, check in with them first. For others, there can be isolated times when its more of a when it rains it pours approach and you get several similar errors in the same pack or series of packs. Had no idea the error existed. Kevin Garnett Rookie seems important but based on your article it may not have much value. Interesting to know how that sustains itself when when works through much larger quantities as I am sure it is case dependent as my cards were from varied sources. What would a card like this be worth and is there a market for something like this? I have a 93 Skybox Shaq with #155 missing on the back. #2. - Inserts and Related Sets Thanks, Bryland! I like errors. Had 11 still wrapped and one that was open. Shipping. 1989 Danny Heep, 2 Fleer Error Variations #61, #B17681, 1989 Danny Jackson, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #395, #B19662, 1989 Darnell Coles, 1 Upper Deck Variation #339, #B17749, 1989 Darrin Jackson, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #286, #B18664, 1989 Dave Stewart, 2 Donruss Variations #214, #B18260, 1989 Dave Stewart, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #145, #B19654, 1989 Dave Winfield, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #260, #B18665, 1989 David Cone, 2 Donruss Print Error Variations #9, #B18085, 1989 David Palmer, 2 Donruss Print Error Variations #133, #B18014, 1989 Denny Martinez, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #313, #B18749, 1989 Don Carman, 2 Topps Variations #154, #B19655, 1989 Donruss Checklist, 2 Error Variations #600, #B18507, 1989 Doyle Alexander, 2 Fleer Variations #128, #B18131, 1989 Dwight Gooden, 2 Fleer Err Variations #36, #B17682, 1989 Ed Vande Berg, 2 Fleer Variations #534, #B17865, 1989 Felix Fermin, 2 Topps Error Variations #303, #B19663, 1989 Floyd Youmans, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #91, #B18261, 1989 Frank Viola, 1 Fleer Error Variation #127, #B17750, 1989 Frank White, 2 Score Error Variations #390, #B17751, 1989 Fred Lynn, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #416, #B19646, 1989 Fred Manrique, 1 Upper Deck Error Variations #628, #B17752, 1989 Fred McGriff, 1 Topps Print Error or Mis Cut #745, #B19045, 1989 Gary Carter, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #3, #B18229, 1989 Gary Sheffield, 2 Topps Error Variations #343, #B18497, 1989 Gary Sheffield, 2 Topps Error Variations #343, #B19697, 1989 George Bell, 2 Topps Error Variations #50, #B18230, 1989 George Brett, 2 Score Error Variations #75, #B17753, 1989 George Brett, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #200, #B18498, 1989 Gregg Jefferies, 2 Fleer Err Variations #38, #B17683, 1989 Harold Reynolds, 2 Donruss Err Variations #21, #B18086, 1989 Jack Armstrong, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #317, #B18750, 1989 Jack McDowell, 2 Fleer Error Variations #504, #B17866, 1989 Jeff Montgomery, 2 Score Error Variations #367, #B17644, 1989 Jeffrey Leonard, 2 Fleer Print Err Variations #190, #B18018, 1989 Jimmy Key, 2 Donruss Variations #188, #B19698, 1989 Kevin Mitchell, 2 Topps Variations #189, #B19647, 1989 Jimmy Key, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #229, #B18499, 1989 Johnny Ray, 2 Donruss Err Variations #12, #B18087, 1989 Ken Griffey Jr, 1 Donruss Error Variation #18088, 1989 Kevin Mitchell, 2 Fleer Error Variations #336, B17806, 1989 Kevin Romine, 1 Fleer Error Variation #98a, #B17680, 1989 Kirby Puckett, 1 Fleer Error Variation #124, #B17754, 1989 Kirby Puckett, 2 Fleer Err Variations #124, #B18132, 1989 Kirby Puckett, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #403, #B19482, 1989 Kirk Gibson, 2 Donruss Error Variations #132, #B18015, 1989 Kirk Gibson, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #340, #B18751, 1992 Manny Trillo, 2 Fleer Error Variations #440, #B17829, 1989 Matt Williams, 2 Score Error Variations #612, #B17645, 1989 Matt Williams, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #628, #B19051, 1989 Mike Harkey, 2 Topps Error Variations #742, #B19046, 1989 Mike Krukow, 1 Fleer Error Variation #331, #B17807, 1989 Mike Krukow, 2 Topps print Error Variations #125, #B19656, 1989 Mike Maddux, 2 Fleer Error Variations #576, #B17867, 1989 Mike Scioscia, 2 Fleer Variations #71, #B17684, 1989 Mike Scott, 2 Fleer Error Variations #367, #B17808, 1989 Neil Allen, 2 Fleer Error Variations #250, #B17809, 1989 Nolan Ryan, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #530, #B19052, 1989 Nolan Ryan, 1 Topps Print Error #530, #B19648, 1989 Orel Hershiser, 1 Donruss Print Error Variation #BC-4, #B18670, 1989 Orestes Destrade, 2 Topps Error Variations #27, #B18671, 1989 Pat Clements, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #159, #B19657, 1989 Paul Molitor, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #110, #B19658, 1989 Pedro Guerrero, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #780, #B19047, 1989 Rafael Palmeiro, 2 Fleer Error Variations #434, #B17828, 1989 Rafael Palmeiro, 2 Topps Print Error Variations #310, #B18752, 1989 Rafael Santana, 2 Fleer Error Variations #268, #B17810, 1989 Randy Johnson, 1 Donruss Error Variation #42, #B18089, 1989 Randy Johnson, 1 Fleer Error Variation #381D, #B17811, 1989 Randy Johnson, 1 Fleer Variation #381E, #B17812, 1989 Randy Kramer, 2 Donruss Variations #480, #B18262, Top Right corner, Black line printed up and down. Sheets have a specific layout. Or maybe youve seen it many times and didnt realize it, which is completely understandable. My local sports card store said check eBayI found no others. I cant find any others anywhere. I was going through my collection of cards, and I think I found an error variation regarding the 92-93 Michael Jordan In Your Face card. In more recent years, things like foil and holograms have been added. Coinflation. Ungraded & graded values for all '89 Topps Baseball Cards. Great condition. The green smudge in the bottom of the baseball on the back is a common print defect in several cards in the 1961 set, but for some reason PSA has elected to grade it as a variation and list it in their mastery registry checklist as such. JAXON except mine has clyde drexler on one side and Derrick colman on the other,its definitely some kind of misprint because there are even errors in the ink and pictures its pretty cool. The 1989 Upper Deck "Reverse Negative" version of a Dale Murphy card is a fun one that a die-hard fan actually got the slugger to sign backward. So few are actively looking for printing errors that theyre often the kind of thing you usually stumble upon rather than search out. Right: This version represents the final pass of corrections. Could anyone tell me anything about the value of this error card? For most collectors, theres a good chance they dont ever encounter one in a pack. One of the most iconic baseball cards in the hobby, the 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. rookie card helped usher in a new era as the first card and face of this landmark set. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Going through my cards today, I came across something I have never seen before. CBT people are board and getting alts here. Everything is in place and well-centered except for the foil labels. Fleer had the Billy Ripken craze that year, and Donruss, Score and Upper Deck were more attractive and printed on superior card stock.

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