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Content that is not related to Missing 411 will be removed. Theorists also propose that a serial killer or occult sect that hunts humans may be on the prowl. A Net Inceptions project. Performance cookies are used to understand and analyze the key performance indexes of the website which helps in delivering a better user experience for the visitors. Especially if youre an expert with answers. Christy L. Garrard read more The only thing you need to make sure of is that the sample of your observations is representative. If that could be scaled up or turned into a realiable technology, then who knows, maybe it could be possible to cause coincidences, or they could be a side effect of some type of probability-based technology being used. You May Also Like: The Curious Tale of Keith Reinhard in Silver Plume, Colorado. Whats more, one of his favorite places in the region is the Tahquamenon Falls State Park, the same location where Joe Clewley would spend his last known moments. **This map is covered by our copyright and cannot be replicated, placed online or in anyway copied. WHNT News 19 featured several of these people in The Missing: A Taking Action Event all day Monday, July 15. This would also explain why it happens in only some cities you cant simply improvise it anywhere without having the infrastructure. These coincidences may of course ultimately mean nothing, or they can have nothing to do with what caused the disappearance or death even if they by themselves are more than just a fluke of random chance. What happened to these people? How do you keep getting bodies into water without it being seen, ever? The religion and military connection may also be connected to a specific cultural grudge, but what they imply to me is that maybe any targeting would be more of an issue of neurology rather than genetics. Haleigh B. Culwell read more, Lauderdale County Moreover, again ironically, there are many other both genetically and culturally much older groups. Missing 411 cases are a colloquial classification that documents missing person cases that fit a number of criteria: The term 411 actually has its origins in an inconspicuous computer term that refers to data that cannot be found or a corrupted link. When nightfall came, little Keith Parkins had still not been found, and it was considered puzzling that he could have gotten so far so quickly without a trace. Perhaps even more bizarre, he was virtually unharmed aside from several scratches on his face. Right off the bat, it is important to distinguish coincidence from correlation. Ao clicar no boto Aceitar ou continuar a visualizar nosso site, voc concorda com o uso de cookies em nosso site. How do you infuse high amounts of drugs into a body quickly and stealthily (or extract all of the blood, for that matter)? Missing 411 Map Missing 411 cluster map. But I couldn't puke in the tent, so I unzipped the tent flap as fast as I could, ran into the rain, and puked my guts out. (www.canammissing.com) Missing 411-The Devil's in the Detail.This is the fourth book in the blockbuster "Missing 411" series that describes unusual incidents of people that have disappeared in National Parks and forests of the world. https://consthagyg.blogspot.com/2020/01/28-missing-411-cluster-map.html The truth is, we could continue to examine and recall each one of the remaining cases and there are literally hundreds but aside from patterns that emerge (and will continue to do so) we are still no closer as a collective to discovering just what is causing these disappearances, and how we can protect ourselves from suffering a similar fate. There are a number of these cluster spots across the globe, however, one of the most prevalent and recurring seems to be the Yosemite National Park in California. https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2107948.David_Paulides, https://www.newspapers.com/clip/11868396/chelan-county-missing-jimmy-duffyoct/. A map showing the disappearances in the United States. Not surprisingly at all, these types of things are reported by alien abductees. It also makes sense that in such a scenario, the dog should be more able to find a way back eventually, as opposed to its owner. If you have any theories or suggestions yourselves, Im all ears. Because of this predictable universal connection, this profile point by itself doesnt necessarily mean anything strange on its own. I do agree with Dave that it is safe to assume that places typically get named for a reason, especially if the name sounds ominous, like Devils, Demons, or Hells something or other. Delaware County Election Results 2020, The Mystery of New York's Renegade Subway Psychic, Forget About What We Know About Roswell: It's What's Missing About the Case That We Need to Look For, Archeologists Discover Another Secret Corridor Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, Construction Workers Find Incredibly Rare Remains of 8,000-Year-Old Village in Massachusetts. Worldbuilder, magister, change catalyst. Pretty much the only non-exotic explanations are that the person was carried, or put into a vehicle and driven or flown away, and there were cases of people too heavy to be carried by anything normal, while there tend to be no tracks or noises indicating either of these options taking place. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Missing 411-The Devil's in the Detail by David Paulides (2014, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! This profile point doesnt sound necessarily unusual to me, since in any scenario, it has to be much more likely that a missing persons case will remain unexplained when the person disappeared while being alone and out of sight, while any intelligent perpetrator would wait for that moment. Heck, theres even a consensus in the cryptid community, as far as I can tell, that while bigfoot-type cryptids find themselves ethically speaking on the same range as humans (including benevolence), dogmen and skinwalkers are almost always strictly malevolent, or at least much more aggressive and dangerous. You May Also Like: Mysterious Disappearances in the Bennington Triangle, Vermont. What is mud rain? Just who was with Ernest Cook and what kind of pressure did they apply to him to make him leave. National parks, however, do not allow for this, especially when factoring in potential challenges to the victim, such as age, experience in the outdoors, and lack of equipment, clothing, or supplies for an extended duration in the elements. Not sure how long I was awake after puking. A little over a year later on the 17th October 1932 in Palermo, New York, farmer Clarence Clark a similar age to Pitsenbarger at 62 would disappear from the farm he ran with his wife and his elderly father. Like the Missing 411 cases. He had a history of spending time outdoors, especially in the area. However, the understanding that there is such a connection between naming conventions and occurrence of a particular type of disappearance could be used as a lead to determine which places to investigate, either with priority, more thoroughly, or further back into the past. Just how he had managed to cross the waters remains a mystery. That feeling of being watched intensified so much when I left the tent, I was afraid someone was going to grab me as soon as I walked out. Bigfoot and other cryptids from Appalachian mythology have come into the equation a number of times. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. So, if theres any genetic program that deals with people who have German origins, it would have to be relatively recent and more likely to be motivated by something like Nazi mysticism, rather than any real scientific reasons. Obviously, bad weather happening while a person is lost should also mean higher chance of them dying of exposure, but also limit the distance that the lost person can travel. These are all angles that can and should be investigated, since precise targeting, luring, and covert disappearing of people arent trivial tasks. Dennis disappeared while Martin kids were playing with the other Martin kids. If there is someone out there with some kind of tech doing this, the tech clearly should involve remote brain or full-body scan capability (to ascertain hidden health issues or intelligence), perception altering, and memory editing. Historic Mysteries is an Amazon Associate and earns from qualifying purchases. Are these missing people part of the seemingly outlandish but sickly conspiracy revolved around breeding programs of the elite to maintain their own youth, and just for general slavery purposes? And yes, Dave made the clusters map and the table of how far away small children were found. What makes it so tough is that I dont think you can determine when it was a failure, and when there was nothing to be found. Eventually, I may try to isolate the trails too, then overlay the trails and the clusters on top of a topographical map to see if these clusters tend to be on top of mountains or just generally "above" where the relative trail is. While they waited for them to arrive, Florence would state that she had eaten wild grapes, tomatoes, and lots of sheep sorrel. If there already was a history of people getting lost or being found dead hundreds of years ago, maybe there always were hunting grounds of local predators, maybe there always was a settlement of local wild men, or maybe something about the natural environment itself was always potentially deadly to visitors. The longer this series of deaths goes on globally, the less likely it is that its all just a result of someones bad or good luck. Cookie Notice The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". The fact that phones today double as GPS locators and that they can record both audio and video and be connected to the internet at all times makes urban disappearances of people with phones suspicious. NEW! Free shipping for many products! Blount County Or, again, by someone who had no idea how to properly fasten the clothes. The stasis option might sound the most sci-fi, but there are multiple Missing 411 cases in which the body was found in a surprisingly pristine condition for how long it was supposedly dead. Its important to understand that when youre working against an intelligent adversary, they will try to use your statistical reasoning against you, not doing anything too frequently, so that you brush it all off as a mere coincidence, normal chance. There are 60 Clusters of missing people identified and each name is readable. We are continually adding names to the list as we get more data. I live INSIDE the north-western PA cluster, and I've experienced that sudden, eerie silence with the weird buzzing in my ears on a trail that goes off from a logging road that leads to Gilbert Reservoir. As a person from the Czech Republic, where picking mushrooms is a national pastime more so than in most other countries, this is puzzling to me. Richmond Lock Draw-off 2021, The whole idea of the movie The Prestige about rival illusionists is that the most impossible magic trick is teleportation. Its unlikely that all such witnesses could be successfully bribed or threatened with all of the impromptu recordings being destroyed. The suspicious nature of the issue in combination with the trends that David Paulides documents are beyond a mystery. In other words, youd expect these two things to correlate. $64.77 + $6.47 shipping. I would just say that if the two samples have very similar distributions of the times at which people disappear, its likely that theres nothing to it other than people get lost at the times at which they tend to be on a hike. Kimberly M. Whitton read more We need to use this kind of detective work to start making some logical assumptions to then test out in the field (hopefully without coming out of the woods one person short). It was not thought that he had been kidnapped because there was only one narrow dirt road leading into the campground, and it seems like an animal attack would have been noticed by the grandfather and left behind some sort of evidence. The latter option seems especially plausible, since in none of the recorded calls were any of the victims able to relay any coherent, useful information. We cant, not really, which is why this trick would be used by higher intelligences. Like the case of Zigmund Adamski criminal activity was not ruled out, which rules it out as a Missing 411 case, but it was not ruled out precisely because there was evidence of foul play. Similarly, as I have heard someone theorize, you may want to remove their shoes first so that they cant run away from you very easily, or maybe youd steal their clothing so that they more quickly succumb to the elements if they somehow ran away from wherever youre holding them thats presumably some kind of shelter, base, or vehicle. However, he has never suggested a cause. At least not in any of the cases where the person was found. Anyone know how to find out more about my nearest cluster? Missing Unfortunately, there is no centralized database for missing people, and many parks do not even document disappearances specifically in their own parks. According to the counselor who was with Bizup at the time, the boy was right on his heels, yet he glanced over his shoulder to find the boy gone, even thought he had been following close behind him just moments before. Jennifer Powers read more The Missing: Map of People who Disappeared in North Alabama | WHNT.com News The Missing: Map of People who Disappeared in North Alabama Posted: Jul 12, 2013 / 05:00 PM CDT Updated: Jul. Or that there was stasis involved. Otherwise, literally only the Nazis would care about this. Anthony E. Davis read more Maybe there are more younger and older people visiting the parks in general, maybe its more of a white or specifically German cultural thing in general, maybe people with disabilities, geniuses, or athletes should be over-represented. Whatever the reason for his exit, Greg Lewellen left in a hurry. We publish books on both Kindle and paperback. These people should not be considered reliable witnesses, but they should have some witness testimonies to offer. The product you selected is currently unavailable. should be considered irrelevant in the absence of additional inexplicable positive evidence. Over four decades later, on 26th October 1973 near Tacoma Washington, 2-year-old Jimmy Duffy would disappear in remarkably similar circumstances. It's a well-known fact that people get lost and disappear in the woods of Colorado every single year however, what Colorado author David Paulides found while researching his Missing 411 series is a startling connection between several of these missing person's cases. These cookies track visitors across websites and collect information to provide customized ads. In the world of mysterious vanishings of people who have disappeared without a trace there is perhaps no more widely known set of tomes than The Missing 411 series of books, by retired law enforcement officer and dogged researcher of missing persons David Paulides. . Much like Dave eventually had to include urban cases that he was initially avoiding, I believe the next spoke in the wheel (as Dave likes to call it) will have to be cases that share many of the Missing 411 profile points without the person actually going missing. This invokes a motivation or mentality that either has something to do with genetics or culture, or a specific grudge. Mental illness or voluntary disappearance does not appear to be the cause. What should be done first is a comparison with the distribution of times at which people from a random non-Missing 411 sample disappear in the same areas. Besides chemicals, one could make an argument for an uncommon EM, other type of radiation, or infrasound-based technologies, but nothing should be 100% reliable. If a person disappeared from a place like a pub, then the perpetrators were either lying in wait on the location, possibly cooperating with whoever is operating the establishment, or they were again following the target person beforehand and waited for him to go to a social event. A similar Missing 411 case with a rather more sinister ending is one that happened decades before, and is perhaps not as well known. Mary K. Carrithers read more Disappearances have happened for centuries. Yeah, thats a weird one, which probably makes it a good profile point. Perhaps the only type of thing that Dave tends to do thats somewhat less than ideal is that in his descriptions of the cases, he sometimes omits facts that point toward more mundane explanations. Like, you just wont believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly unlikely it is, but thats all that is unlikely, not impossible. In this analysis, I will not be going in depth on any of the individual cases, since that is covered quite well by many different videos on this subject that you can find on YouTube, including many hours of interviews with David Paulides on various paranormal podcasts. Forests being bigger and unmarked could certainly be an issue, just like the number and type of local predators or overall crime rates in the area, and maybe thats something that should be statistically analyzed using data that I dont have at the moment (comparing forests where people go missing versus those where they dont go missing based on these criteria). If you could use portals to get in and out of them, that would help a lot, but all the technology you need is a camouflaged door. I can't tell you how intense the feeling of someone being there when I walked out was, like someone was standing right behind the big tree about 10 ft away from me. They propose that the Missing 411 disappearances could be the result of a shadowy government program. On the other hand, cities dont appear to be safe either, so Look, squirrel! That would be bad enough if done systematically by some sort of human agency, but the inside-out clothing indicates that it really might not involve humans, or at least not exactly us, modern-day humans (insert your favorite sci-fi modifier here). Put simply, this profile point is something that makes it harder to find a missing person and easier for people to get more lost. This type of account would go some way toward explaining the seemingly missing failure rate of the perpetrators, as these would be the cases where the predators let the captured prey go, or when their traps, even though advanced, failed. Our first curious case is the rather strange vanishing of an 84-year-old theology professor by the name of Dr. Maurice Dametz. Finally, if you think about it, its important to understand that human clothing can be confusing to a highly intelligent, highly scientifically advanced species who has studied us for ages. But I couldn't puke in the tent, so I unzipped the tent flap as fast as I could, ran into the rain, and puked my guts out. Dave also mentions legends from Hawaii and Indonesia which explain that you should not wear bright clothing if you dont want to offend some kind of spirits, or that some spirits demand that you lie naked face down in their presence, which is how Missing 411 people often are found. This means that nothing should be taken at face value and that it may be necessary to keep our cards close to the chest not advertising our best leads or next moves, while trying to set up traps for the adversary. After all, thats how a sudden health crisis or mental break would start. I can't tell you how . I think the issue is that Dave by default rules out cases in which they would have made an error. The sad reality is that there is a growing number of mysterious disappearances in natural settings. The U.K. study also suggests that the truly undeterminable deaths (called the sudden adult death syndrome there) can be incorrectly misdiagnosed as a different cause of death as much as two thirds of the time. Free shipping. Soaking wet, I had to run back into the tent, change clothes, and eventually fall asleep from exhaustion. Profile points that make people more likely to go missing or to not be found in general (bad weather, dogs and trackers failing to track, etc.) At one point the grandfather looked outside expecting to see the boy playing as he had been just minutes before, but he was nowhere to be seen. Exceptionally odd circumstances surround the disappearance. For example, in a random sample of a thousand normal missing persons cases, how often do people go missing with a dog, in contrast to how often that happens in a sample of a thousand Missing 411 cases? Every time I pass that trailhead now, I stop, roll down my windows, and just listen for a few minutes before continuing on to the reservoir. Though there are Missing 411 cases where that didnt help, like when a person was seen chasing a dog into the forest, which only helps explain how people can get lost more often while walking a dog. The people who were disappeared while on the phone would only be different in the sense that they must have been targeted after they were already outside. And dont even get me started on synchronicity and how you absolutely would want to use systemic coincidences in order to manage a simulated (or similarly controlled) world. In 1981, he was mostly known for his fire and brimstone religious rhetoric and his many writings of how he believed the literal Antichrist was going to appear in our lifetime, but he was soon to become even more well-known for his odd disappearance. And it is what profiling is, in a way youre looking for cases that include selected elements. People dont have good reasons to lie down on their faces and Paulides is correct to point out that corpses in water can offer a lot of reliable information about the deceased person. When it was time to head back to join the others for dinner, a counselor got the boy to head back with him, and the two began their walk towards the nearby camp. The question is why would there be high-tech kidnappers, possibly using also advanced camouflage or noise cancellation technology, snatching random people sneakily in the forests. Occams razor therefore says foul play. I have never heard of a single case in the history of my country of anyone going missing mysteriously while picking mushrooms. What is going on here? These are mainly the German connection, the religion connection, and the military connection, or a combination of two or all three. On this day everything was going smoothly, and they had spent hours digging at different spots. Of course, proving that the times and dates at which people get lost mysteriously are normal times at which theres an opportunity to get lost doesnt prove that the disappearances are entirely mundane. One can only hope the work of many, from volunteer searchers to content creators, can answer the question. Donna T. Cupido read more In case you were wondering what Ive been doing for the last couple of months instead of writing articles here, I guess you could call it research. With the emphasis on may. In this light, it would only be strange if the person who felt unwell then traveled huge distance, which would be incongruous, or if the person was later found alive and healthy, but with no memory of what happened. Randall H. Whitfield read more, Morgan County This leaves a sudden medical emergency, or an animal or human attack, that either quickly render you unconscious, or force you to be quiet. Remember that this is a discussion sub for David Paulides's phenomenon, Missing 411. There are many similarities. By . John Sweet returned home from a busy day selling, buying and transporting groceries, he returned home, changed his clothes, leaving a small pile of cash on the table in the process, and then ventured out onto the farmland to carry out repairs to his tractor, as well to fix part of the fence around the pigpen. Strange Cases On Eastern Farms In The Early Thirties. In June of 1959, nearly 1 year after going missing, some torn clothing, a broken hearing aide, and a few bone fragments were found in a remote area 2,500 feet up Mount Meeker in the middle of nowhere and about 3 miles from where Bizup had gone missing. Its also unusual for such high percentage of adults to remember what happened, but then not report it, to not even make anything up, which would be the only normal alternative explanation. [googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=216620578170379567419.0004e11ae7d025db5099f&hl=en&ie=UTF8&t=m&ll=34.470335,-86.682129&spn=1.811428,3.4552&z=8&output=embed&w=630&h=400]. While phenomena of this type are not strictly speaking ruled out by theoretical physicists, they would at the very least expect them to be substantially more rare, if they were to occur strictly naturally. A perhaps more well-known, but no less eerie case revolves around a Canadian firefighter named Danny Filippidis. If the point was that you need to work with or study specific genetic markers, given that Germans are, ironically, one of the least genetically pure groups in the world. There are no stretches of known science required for someone to be able to create an underground or underwater base. The ability of any perpetrator to remotely confuse, lure, or in some sense mind control targeted people would also be consistent with the victims leaving essential items behind it would just be an induced brain fart. Missing 411 - Montana with Cluster Map (New) David Paulides (Sealed) Book. In any case, since many of the missing in cities were students, maybe they were targeted at school. Ideally the kind of evidence that proves that the dogs should have been able to pick up the scent, but didnt, like in the cases when a dead body was later found in an area after it was combed through with standard search dogs or cadaver dogs. In the Daves profile, whoever the perpetrators are seem to be perfect, but no one is 100% effective. If it keeps happening again and again, what youve got is a systemic anomaly, an anomaly on which you will keep getting more data, an anomaly that you can try to predict. But my belief is that I was hit with some INTENSE infrasound in the middle of the night while my dad and I were in a place they didn't want us. Was I almost one of the Missing 411? Missing 411 is a series of books and films, which document cases of people who have gone missing in national parks and elsewhere, and assert that these cases are unusual and mysterious, contrary to data analysis which suggests that they are not actually statistically mysterious or even unexpected. Below is a link to see all the images I used, as well as a 50% opacity overlay of the cluster map to try to align it with the thru tail map beneath it. Missing people in the USA or across the world are an unfortunate but regular occurrence. Warren Flippo read more Derrick Kucera read more A similar Missing 411 case with a rather more sinister ending is one that happened decades before, and is perhaps not as well known. It would suddenly charge toward the witness before itself vanishing into thin air when it was but several feet away. The most low-tech version that I can think of, some combination of taser and GHB, would clearly be inadvisable for use on children and should kill some people. Which brings me to a statistical issue that I think Dave got wrong. THE MISSING MAP . On this count, I would very much like Dave to publish exact tables showing how significant (meaning frequent) each of the correlating factors is in the Missing 411 sample of cases, ideally in comparison to tables of what is normal for a representative sample of normal missing persons cases. On August 15, the introverted and partially deaf Bizup went down to a place called Cabin Creek in order to do some fishing, and at the time there would have been nothing unusual about it, as there were camp counselors nearby and the creek was a popular place for the boys to fish.

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